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work off set screen This display is for the operator’s

work off set screen This display is for the operator’s

convenience only – the actual stor age of the off set amount takes place in a sys tem parameter, iden –

ti fied by a pa ram e ter num ber, as as signed by Fanuc Even if the G54 set ting is changed man u ally,

through the off set screen, or through a pa ram e ter change (us ing the proper pa ram e ter num ber), it

is al ways stored in the sys tem pa ram e ter Some pa ram e ters can not be changed as eas ily – some

can not be changed at all – the modal G10 com mand can be very use ful for chang ing sev punch machine for Head eral pa –

ram e ters at the same time In fact, to achieve Busway Press Clamp Machine this goal, two re lated com mands are re quired – G10

to start the set tings and G11 to can cel the set tings:

G10 L50

cnc drill Machine

Selecting parameter setting mode ON

Data setting single block or a series of blocks (typical use)


Selecting parameter setting mode OFF

The data set ting block for a pro gram ma ble pa ram e ter set ting has three en tries:

G10 L50


Data setting block – more than one block is allowed between G10 and G11



where 锟?


Data setting mode – ON


Programmable parameter entry mode (fixed)


Data entry specification (N=parameter number, P=axis number, R=setting value)


Data setting mode – OFF (cancel)

Be tween the G10 L50 and G11 blocks is the list of pa ram e ters to be set, one per block The pa –

ram e ter num ber uses the N-ad dress and the data uses P and R ad dress re spec tively

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



N-address in G10 L50 Mode

The first of the three ad dresses, the N-ad dress iden ti fies the pa ram e ter num ber to be changed

Not all pa ram e ters drilling tools can be changed Fanuc pro vides Pa ram e ter Man ual for ev ery con trol model

avail able, list ing all pa ram e ters and their var i ous states Ex am ples of typ i cal ap pli ca tion of the N-ad dress (as well as the P and R ad dresses) are de scribed in the next sec tion

plications or even common applications

 plications or even common applications

Test ing these pa ram e ters on your ma chine is gen er ally not rec om mended be cause of their po ten –

tially harm ful na ture

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 5

2 Example 1 :

This ex am ple changes the baud rate set ting of the In put/Out put de vice (RS-232 in ter cnc cutter face), if the

I/O Chan nel is set to 0:

G10 L50

N0103 R10


H beam sawing Machine

Pa ram e ter that con trols the baud rate set ting for a se lected de vice has a num ber #103, iden ti –

fied punch machine for Head as N0103 in the above ex am ple Baud rate spec i fies the speed of pro gram data trans fer rate in

char ac ters per sec ond (cps) From a ta ble sup plied in the Fanuc op er a tion ref er ence man ual, the

re quired R-value can be en tered within the spec i fied range – range of 1 to 12 se lec tions is shown:

1: 50 baud

5: 200 baud

9: 2400 baud

2: 100 baud

6: 300 baud

10: 4800 baud

3: 110 baud

7: 600 baud

11: 9600 baud

4: 150 baud

8: 1200 baud

12: 19200 baud

In the above ex am ple, the baud rate set ting of 4800 char ac ters per sec ond has been se lected, be –

cause R10 in the sam ple block re fers to the se lec tion num ber 10 This type of baud rate set ting is

fairly com mon, and when work ing with sev eral ma chine tools, it should also be the com mon set –

ting for all CNC ma chine tools in the shop that re quire the RS-232C in ter face for pro gram up –

loading and down loading (DNC) Al

ways choose the fast est baud rate that guar an tees 100%

trans fer ac cu racy of the CNC pro gram or other set tings be tween the CNC sys tem and an ex ter nal

com puter Note ab sence of the P-ad dress – as the pa ram e ter #103 does not re late to a ma chine

axis, the P-ad dress is not re quired

2 Example 2 :

In an other ex am ple, pa ram e ter #5130 con trols the chamfering dis tance for thread cut ting cy –

cles drilling tools G92 and G76 (lathe con trols only) The data type is a non-axis byte, unit if the data is 01 of a pitch and the range is

This section covers yet an other as pect of programming


This section covers yet an other as pect of programming the G10 data set ting command – this

time as a modal com mand It is used to change a sys tem pa ram e ter through the stan dard or macro

pro gram This application is some times called the rite to pa ram e ter func tion and is not very

com mon in ev ery day pro gram ming, even in macros Be fore you at tempt to use this method, cnc cutter make

sure you fully un der stand the con cept of con trol sys tem pa ram e ters sec tion, de scribed ear lier in

this hand book – see pre vi ous chap ter for details

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


CNC Beam Drilling Machine

Chapter 5

Incorrect setting of CNC system parameters may cause irreparable damage to the machine tool

Typ i cal uses of the G10 com mand are com mon to hydraulic busbar cutter changes of ma chine or cut ting con di tions, for

ex am ple, spin dle speed and feed copper busbar bending machine rate time con stants, pitch er ror com pen sa tion data, and oth ers

This com mand often ap pears in the cus tom mac ros, nor mally called by the G65 com mand, and its

sole pur pose is to con trol the ma chine op er a tions The sub ject and de tailed ex pla na tion of the Cus –

tom Mac ros and their struc ture is cov ered in the next chap ter – G10 is just a small item of the ba sic knowl edge be fore us ing mac ros

Modal G10 Command

When the G10 com mand for the off set data set ting was first in tro duced in this chap ter, it had to

be re peated in each block, if a se ries of set ting were re quired By def i ni tion, G10 data set ting

com mand for the en try of off sets can only be used as a non-modal com mand Mod ern Fanuc con –

trols also al low to do an other type of data change through the pro gram – the change of the CNC

sys tem pa ram e ters

With out the ma chine user even know ing, many pro gram en tries are au to mat i cally con verted to

var i ous sys tem pa ram e ters by the con trol unit For ex am ple, if the pro gram con tains G54 work

off set, its cur rent set ting can be found on the w

The P-ad dress is used only for parameters relating to one of the four available axis in puts

The P-ad dress is used only for parameters relating to one of the four available axis in puts:


Bit axis


Byte axis


Word axis


Two-word axis

H beam high-speed Drilling

If the pa ram e ter does not re late to an axis, the P-ad dress is re dun dant and does not have to be

pro grammed in the block If more than one axis is re quired to be set at the same time, use mul ti ple

N P R en tries be tween G10 and G11 (see ex am ples fur ther in this chap ter)

R-address in G10 L50 Mode

The ad dress R in the G10 L50 mode con tains the new value to be reg is tered into the punch machine for Head se lected

pa ram e ter num ber and must al ways be en tered Busway Press Clamp Machine (no de faults) The valid range listed above must al –

ways be ob served The R-ad dress may also de fine pitch er ror data Note the lack of dec i mal points

in all ex am ples shown

Program Portability

Pro gram por ta bil ity re fers to the struc ture and con tents of a pro gram as it re lates to its ap pli ca –

tion on dif fer ent ma chines and/or con trol sys tems CNC pro grams con tain ing even a sin gle pro –

gram ma ble pa ram e ter en try should be used only with the ma chine tool and con trol unit for which

they were de signed Use ex treme care be fore using such a pro gram on different ma chines

Pa ram e ter num bers and their mean ing on dif fer ent con trol mod els are not al ways the same, so

the ex act model and its pa ram e ter num bers must be known dur ing the pro gram development For

ex am ple, on Fanuc 15 con trol, the pa ram e ter con trol ling the mean ing of an ad dress with out a dec –

i mal point is #2400 (Bit #0) The pa ram e ter that con trols the same set ting on Fanuc 16/18/21

con trol mod els is #3401 (Bit #0) – 0=the least in put in cre ment is as sumed, 1=the ap pli drilling tools ca ble unit is as sumed

The fol low ing ex am ples il lus trate var i ous pro gram ma ble pa ram e ter en tries and have been tested

on a Fanuc 16B con trol – both lathe and mill ver sions The se lected pa ram e ters are used for il lus –

tra tion only, not nec es sar ily as typ i cal a

Note the use of hydraulic pump 11

Although the structure of the hydraulic pump is very different, there are a lot of common points in the installation and use.
(1) Hydraulic pump connection precautions
① hydraulic pump can be installed with bearings or flanges, pumps and prime mover should use a common base bearing, flange and foundation should have sufficient rigidity. Special attention: flow is greater than (or equal to) 160L / min of the piston pump, should not be installed on the tank.
② hydraulic pump and the prime mover output shaft should be used between the elastic coupling connection, is strictly prohibited in the hydraulic pump shaft installed pulley or gear drive hydraulic pump, if must use pulleys or gears and pump connection, you should add a pair of support Seat to install pulley or gear, the bearings and pump shaft coaxiality error should not be greater than Φ0.05mm.
③ Suction pipe should be as short as possible. Straight,Straightening Machines big and thick, the oil suction pipeline generally need to set the nominal flow not less than the pump flow 2 times coarse filter (filtration precision is generally 80 ~ 180μm). The drain pipe of the hydraulic pump should be connected directly to the tank, and the back pressure of oil return should not be more than 0.05MPa. Oil pump suction pipe mouth, oil return pipe mouth are required in the tank below the minimum oil surface 200mm. Pay special attention to the oil pump in the piston pump is not allowed to install the oil filter, suction pipe on the cut-off valve diameter should be larger than the oil pipe diameter block, oil pipe length L <2500mm, pipe elbow no more than two.
④ hydraulic pump inlet and outlet should be installed busbar shearing machine firmly, sealing device to be reliable, otherwise there will be inhalation of air or oil leakage, the impact of hydraulic pump performance.
⑤ hydraulic pump self-priming height of not more than 500mm (or import vacuum does not exceed 0.03MPa), if the use of charge pump oil, oil pressure should not exceed 0.5MPa, when the oil pressure exceeds 0.5MPa, to use pressure seal ring. For the plunger pump, should try to use the self-priming method.
⑥ hydraulic pump installed before the installation hole should check whether the depth of the shaft is greater than the length of the pump to prevent the phenomenon of top axis, or will burn the pump.

hydraulic pump

hydraulic pump

(2) the use of hydraulic pump Note
① start the hydraulic pump should be the first point several times, the oil flow direction and sound are normal, the low-pressure operation 5 ~ 10min, and then put into normal operation. Before starting the plunger pump, the pump must be filled with clean working oil through the drain port on the housing.
(2) the viscosity of the oil affected by temperature changes, the oil temperature increased viscosity decreases, so the oil temperature required to remain below 60 ℃, in order to make the hydraulic pump at different working temperatures to stabilize the work, the selected oil should have Viscosity of the temperature change by the oil temperature characteristics of smaller, and better chemical stability, anti-foam properties cnc drilling. Recommended L-HM32 or L-HM46 (GB11118.1-94) anti-wear hydraulic oil.
③ oil must be clean, not mixed with mechanical impurities and corrosive substances, oil suction line without filter device hydraulic system, must be filtered by oil vehicles (filtration accuracy of less than 25μm) to fuel tank.
④ The maximum pressure and the maximum speed of the hydraulic pump, is in the use of a short period of time to allow the peak should be avoided long-term use angle shearing, otherwise it will affect the life of the pump.
⑤ The normal working temperature of the hydraulic pump is 15 ~ 65 ℃, the maximum temperature on the pump casing is 10 ~ 20 ℃ higher than the oil temperature at the pump inlet. When the oil temperature reaches 65 ℃, the highest The temperature does not exceed 75 ~ 85 ℃.

Laser induced graphene preparation of ‘super’ electronic products

Scientists at Rice University have published a report on the production and testing of portable graphene (LIG), a major overlap in flexible electronics, three-dimensional supercapacitors, and energy storage facilities for laser-induced graphene (LIG) growth. It is reported that Rice tries to room chemist James Tour found that the price of polymer-fired laser burned other elements, leaving the porous graphene film, which is to study more single-atom thick carbon grid. Research staff to see the porous, conductive material is as super capacitor or electronic circuit aspiring electrode. To confirm this, members of the Tour group expanded their work by using laser-induced graphene to fabricate supercapacitors vertically on both sides of the polymer sheet. The flexible stacks exhibit excellent energy storage capacity and power supply potential, and can be considered to be proportionally added for trade use.

The LIG can be carried out in an atmosphere at ambient temperature. LIG super capacitor because of its flexibility and scalability as if to do everything. Agility ensures that they can easily adapt to a variety of packaging, without having to give up the facilities function. Vertical super capacitor display best drill machine, electrical function is almost not affected by bending, even after 8000 times bending. Tour said, although the thin-film lithium-ion battery can store more energy buy drill machine, the same size of the LIG super capacitor to supply three times the power cnc drill. The LIG facility can easily be expanded due to added capacity. ‘We have confirmed that technical knowledge of these will be an excellent component for implanting flexible electronics in dressed and consumer products drilling equipment,’ he said.

market demand resilience sheet metal fabrication

switch punch marking machine, punch Dongguan, Dongguan, Dongguan punch press Dongguan punch press-IPM manufacturers and has a large and a large number of NC processing equipment custom cnc machine, the precision testing equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced quality control methods, the company has a large number of high- To achieve the ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand resilience sheet metal fabrication. Dongguan LED film presses, please click contact us.

the rotary electromechanical clutch and in a separate state

punch | precision punch | pneumatic punch prices – Dongguan to help precision The control system is a set of mechanical systems for precision press control clutches In this case, Modern industry drill machine online buy, the application of precision punching is very extensive, we use precision punch products when there is no thought of precision punch system is composed of what we come together to find out about it, in fact, precision punch press operating system is divided into several . In this case, A control system is a mechanical system that controls the separation or combination of the clutches. The operating system has a great impact on the safety of operations, if the operating system fails, save block movement will lose the whole Han or not start normally.


In this case, Open punch presses are usually equipped with rigid clutch so that the operating system of the open punch can only be separated and combined in a fixed position control clutch. In this case, Manipulator structure is divided into two types: one is the other is a lever lever machine traction electromagnet-lever mechanism cnc cutting machine. Foot lever mechanism. When the operator depresses the pedal, the crankshaft starts to rotate. Rotation after a week, retaining the iron complex co-shank was forced to force the rotary electromechanical clutch and in a separate state. In this case, If you want to know more about the knowledge of precision presses drilling machine company, you can visit the company to understand, the company welcomes you.

The power switch is the product of the master switch steel punching machine

punch press | precision press | Xie Duan Punch Factory – Dongguan Association of Punch production plant Punch button commonly used analytical instructions In this case Structural Steel Fabrication Equipment, 1, the power switch The power switch is the product of the master switch steel punching machine, when the power switch is turned on the red indicator light. Then the red will gradually turn into green, then we should be operating operations. In this case, 2, run / bit more than bit operation bit for the stamping operation sheet metal punch, and the key to this bit when the green light will be on; This key in the use of punching process which is also used more In this case, 3, co-ordinate punch indicator When we turn on the power when the red light is lit, that power has been turned on, can be normal operations; when we appear when the green power indicator light, that mechanical normal, Already in the Job state.


This time we can carry out the normal operation of the operation. In this case, 4, stamping operations There are two operating keys, the operation must be both hands at the same time pressing, the machinery will be stamping operations. In this case, 5, the motor switch This switch will open after the motor in operation, so that we can continue behind the action, open the red light will be on. So the novice in operation, please remember to let the equipment operation, do not forget the motor switch control Oh.