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The installation of punching equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency

Punch automatic production is the modern punch manufacturers stamping process in the eternal Tiandaxian topic, the higher the accuracy of the product, the higher the production efficiency, the benefits brought about by the enterprise will increase. Throughout the forging and stamping industry, metal forming the trend toward the future of high-sophisticated, high-speed, automation, no one appears, is gradually connected with the high-tech. Precision punching automatic production can greatly improve processing efficiency, landing processing costs, shrink the product delivery time punch punch press, reduce human access and personnel pressure, and intact inevitable stamping production security guards, so actively promote the punch automation is undoubtedly a development trend.

In front of precision presses, high-speed presses, small presses and other products can be used punching PLC human control, just install the peripheral equipment can punch to reach automated production. Automatic punching equipment, automatic feeding equipment, mold transfer equipment, automatic transfer equipment, stamping process abnormal conditions, such as punching equipment, punching equipment, Of the testing equipment, waste exclusion equipment, automatic receiving equipment, etc., let us really to break down the next punch machine peripheral effects:

First, automatic discharge, open-book equipment (that is, material frame)

Function: The rack will be settled in the material rack, partner follow-up machine (leveling machine or feeder) action, the material into the punch processing, high-speed punch with the plane for more than electronic feeder.

Advantages: – Frugal time, to improve the rate of completion, full cash automated discharge, open-book, volume can be swept by the volume of the local production furnishings. ??

Second, leveling correction equipment (ie, leveling machine)

Function: all volumes are open-book after the stress is still in this situation can not be processed under high-quality products, this time, from the material frame open-book materials, the decision to finish leveling machine leveling process to eliminate the material stress.
Third, the automatic feeding equipment (that is, feeder)

Features: Feeder is a high-speed punching machine to achieve high-speed automatic punching the necessary equipment is in a mold to achieve multi-station punching the foundation to ensure that high-speed punch is usually using high-speed roller feeder, folder feeder, the two All kinds of feeding equipment are driven by the output shaft, the material automatically into the mold.

Pneumatic chuck in the important role in the machine

The current press, CNC equipment to rely on hydraulic fixture and pneumatic fixture to clamp the workpiece to ensure the accuracy of automotive equipment. Hydraulic fixture through a dedicated processing technology to manufacture, thus ensuring the normal operation of CNC equipment and numerical control equipment quality. Generally divided into four claws, claws, octopus and twelve claws, we produce gas check, can work in CNC lathes, with the work required to increase the pressure, or to reduce the number of lathes to assist in a better and more beautiful technology .

Hydraulic clamp widely used in CNC punching, machinery manufacturing industry by leaps and bounds, a road of technical problems are broken, can not be divorced from the development of CNC lathes. In order to better handle all types of co-built in the hydraulic chuck clamping workpiece manufacturers must complete a series of movements, so that the workpiece can be designed in accordance with reasonable size to do a specific use of the steps described in detail.

In order to achieve this goal, the development of first-line staff in the continuous improvement of technology, urged the production of the highest standards of hydraulic fixture, punching machine for the Chinese contribution to the machinery industry, so that mechanical Industry in China is moving to the world’s machinery manufacturing industry’s rapid development.

Recently, domestic enterprises to participate in more and more foreign countries to adapt to the development of the market to promote the machinery manufacturing industry, domestic enterprises are also trying to win the international market, is committed to producing more and better products for the machinery market.

Numerical control drilling technology research and development of several major directions

CNC drilling machine industry can be called the current momentum of development is very fast one of the industries, CNC drilling machine is widely used in the same time, the market for its technology and innovation also made higher and more stringent requirements, CNC drilling technology research and development direction can be summarized For the following seven points.
CNC drilling machine 1, narrow the gap between the accuracy of machine positioning.
2, the structural focus from static positioning accuracy to dynamic precision positioning characteristics.
3, the thermal deformation of the workpiece and chip processing technology to be resolved.
4, in the development of new features when the machine, into more computer technology.
5, increase the proportion of the control system.
6, widely used remote monitoring technology.
7, attention to the open architecture of the technology development and use.