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The Movement of Shaft of CNC Turret Punch

CNC Turret punch axis movement:

The axis servo works along the length of the moving bed perpendicular to the drive shaft

The axis servo works along the length of the moving bed perpendicular to the drive shaft

One axis: Rotary axis turret selection Tool magazine rotating mold

Axis: automatic indexing of the rotary axis mold, you can rotate the mold at any angle

CNC turret punch processing:

1) a single red: a single complete stamping, including stamping line distribution, distribution, circular distribution, the grid hole.

2) the same direction of continuous punching: the use of rectangular mold part of the overlapping approach, can be deep-hole processing, finishing.

3) multi-directional continuous punching: for the processing of large holes in the mold processing methods.

4) nibble: small step continuous stamping die processing with a small arc.

5) A single formation: the shape of the mold and the shallow drawing process.

6) continuous forming: forming the size ratio of forming molds, such as large-size blinds, rolling, rolling step processing.

7) The formation of the array of the same or different processing methods of multiple pieces of workpiece.

CNC punch press is the circular motion into a linear motion, the main motor output, driven flywheel, from the main motor connecting rod movement of circular motion.

There is a circular movement between the circular movement and the linear movement of the CNC punch between the connecting rod and the slider, about two bodies, a ball design, so there must be a set of molds and the material between them to match the pressure exerted by the machine Deformation, stress on the material response, absorbed by the punch body.

CNC punch press large-scale production of low-cost method of drilling components, short production cycle. But the adaptability of the design changes are poor, need a new mold design cycle is long, high cost, medium and small-scale production, fully shows the characteristics of laser cutting.

In general, the majority of workpiece control punch punch hub size than the norm, some parts are complex.