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high reliability of the product manual busbar bending machine

IPM precision punch CNC Flange Drilling Machine, punch manufacturers IPM is a high-speed precision punching the R \u0026 D, design, manufacture, sales in one of the brand manufacturers. The company has a number of high-quality research and development, design and manufacture high-speed precision punch of professionals. Taiwan’s professional manufacturing and design of Dongguan Punch, Taiwan’s high-speed presses drilling tapping machine, Japan’s high-speed presses, precision presses in Dongguan manufacturers and customers at any time to do high-speed press repair. IPM production of precision punch with: stable operation, security, high precision, processing automation, environmental protection, energy saving and so on. Widely used in watches, home appliances, stationery, hand tools, hardware, computers and other products processing. Punch manufacturers – IPM with a wealth of industry experience, timely follow-up research and development of high-speed precision CNC technology and application of scientific management and control of all aspects of production, and effectively guarantee the high quality and high reliability of the product manual busbar bending machine. The company insists on seeking quality, dedication and quality of services, and continuously improve the quality of the whole staff awareness and quality of work, welcome customers to buy !

punch press quenching and tempering

Precision punching presses offer Dongguan – IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd Share: punch press hot processing technology In this case, Practice has confirmed that the quality of the hot mold processing and service life of the mold a great impact. Die from the failure analysis of the reasons we can see, due to improper heat treatment caused mold failure ‘accident’ about 40% or more angle iron drill. Punch die parts quenching deformation and cracking hole punching machine, the early use of the process of fracture, with the touch with the thermal processing technology. In this case, (1) punch casting process, which is part of the mold manufacturing process an important part. For high-alloy tool steel mold, the material is usually carbide distribution and other microstructure technical requirements. In addition, should also strictly control the casting temperature range, to develop accurate heating specifications, the use of accurate casting force method, and slow cooling after forging or timely annealing. In this case, (2) punch press quenching and tempering. This is the mold heat treatment in the hub. If the quenching heat generated overheating, not only will cause greater brittleness of the workpiece, but also easily lead to deformation and cracking in the cooling, punch serious impact on die life. Die quenching heating should pay special attention to prevent oxidation and decarburization, should strictly control the heat treatment process specifications, the premise of the case, can be vacuum heat treatment. Quenching should be promptly tempered, and in accordance with technical requirements using different punch tempering process.

In this case, (3) Preparation of heat treatment. Should be depending on the mold work parts of the different materials and requirements were used annealing, normalizing or quenching and other preparation heat treatment process to improve the organization, to eliminate casting defects in the organization to improve the processing technology. High-carbon alloy die steel through the appropriate preparation of heat treatment can eliminate the reticulation of secondary cementite or chain carbide, the carbide ball, refinement, and promote the distribution of carbide uniformity. This is conducive to ensuring quenching, tempering quality, improve die life. In this case, (4) stress relief annealing. Punch presses die work parts in the rough stress relief annealing should be carried out after the punch with a purpose to eliminate the roughing caused by internal stress, so as not to produce excessive quenching deformation and cracks. For high precision molds, after grinding or electric processing needed by the elimination of stress tempering treatment is conducive to the accuracy of the mold is not chaotic, and improve service life machine cnc.

the folding machine processing molding cnc busbar machine

Dongguan metal punch, sheet metal punch Dongguan, Dongguan pneumatic punch Dongguan metal punch computer chassis material called galvanized steel sheet (SECC) do not open the mold. Open mold uneconomical. Pay a few large molds. Several molds are not good after a good change induction heating machine. Is the assembly line processing. Large. And the sample products are CNC punch. Plus some other technology. ‘Pneumatic punching machine, punching a hole cutting edge. After the folding machine processing molding cnc busbar machine. IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff, make clear the quality target and follow the principle, and ensure the advanced position and reliability of the products in the market competition Steel Beam Drilling Machine.

quality control methods to achieve ERP cnc punching

Dongguan 110 tons of punch processing, Dongguan 160 tons of punch prices IPM company specializes in producing precision, high-speed series of punch (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, precision testing equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control methods to achieve ERP cnc punching, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand resilience. Punch is the link between the rod and the need for circular motion and linear motion of the transfer point drill press milling machine, through this mechanism will be converted into a circular motion of the slider linear motion. The punch presses the material to plastic deformation, which results in the desired shape and precision, and therefore must be matched to a set of molds. IPM production of 110 tons of punch-selling throughout the country bus bar bending machines, Dongguan 160 tons of punch prices please click contact us.

Design Requirement and Application in the Safety of Punching Die

Punching die punch processing is the main process equipment, stamping parts is on, under the relative movement of the mold to complete. As the processing of the upper and lower molds continue to divide and close, if the operator’s fingers continue to enter or stay in the mold closed area, it will pose a serious threat to their personal safety.

Design Requirement and Application in the Safety of Punching Die

(A) the main parts of the mold, the role and safety requirements 1. Work parts Punch die is directly to the blank forming the working parts, therefore, it is a key part of the mold. (2) the material and heat treatment should be appropriate requirements to prevent the hardness is too high and brittle. (2) the punching die is not only precise and complex, it should meet the following requirements: (1) should have sufficient strength, not in the stamping process of fracture or damage; crack. 2. Positioning parts Positioning parts is to determine the location of the installation of the blank parts, a positioning pin (plate), block material pin (plate), Pilot pin, guide plate, from the side of the knife drilling machine, Design positioning parts should be considered easy to operate, there should be no positioning, location to facilitate observation, it is best to use forward positioning, profile positioning and Positioning Positioning and so on.

3. Binder, discharge and discharge parts Binder parts are blank holder sheet metal hole punch, pressure plate and so on. The blank holder can press the blank holder against the blank holder to prevent the billet from arcing under the tangential pressure to form wrinkles. The function of the blanking plate is to prevent the blank from moving and bouncing. Ejector, the role of the discharge plate is easy to out of pieces and clean up waste. They are spring, rubber and equipment on the air cushion push rod support, can move up and down, ejector design should have enough ejection force, movement should be limited. The stripper plate shall be closed as close as possible to the empty area or in the operating position. Exposed discharge plate should be equipped with a protective plate around to prevent finger penetration or foreign objects into the exposed surface edges and corners should be blunt bevel tools.

Precision punches with low noise are available for sale

The main motor of the precision punching machine is equipped with anti-vibration device. It adopts special shock-proof rubber, which separates from contact with the table body, and absorbs the shock when it is running. It reduces the resonance noise of the press and prolongs the motor life and reduces the environmental noise. High rigidity, high-precision rack, the use of steel plate welding, and by heat treatment, eliminating the fuselage Tc stress to make long-term stability of the equipment is not deformed. Precision punching presses all the characteristics together to consider, including parts processing characteristics, material properties, the use of tool characteristics, for embryo, perforation and other processes, need to use short stroke high rate of punch, for forming, extension and other processes CNC punching machines, It is necessary to use a long stroke, and the slower speed of the punch, when used for stamping, floating embossing and other processes, you must use the bottom dead center, with high energy short stroke punch.

Precision punches with low noise are available for sale

For the forming, extension, compression process, according to the different materials have a critical compression rate, more than the compression rate, the material will therefore rupture, so the selection of materials also need to cooperate with the process angle steel cutter, in order to achieve product quality characteristics, punch accuracy They must also be taken into account in order to produce a sophisticated product. Reliable and safe operation: The reason for easy operation, accurate positioning is due to the use of a different from the traditional brake, clutch / brake combination device has a high sensitivity, coupled with the international high-end equipment common dual electromagnetic control valve As well as the overload protection device, to ensure high-speed movement of the slider and stop the accuracy and security drill machine buy. Precision punching production automation, labor-saving, high efficiency. Precision punching machine can be equipped with the corresponding automatic feeding device, with feed error detection, pre-cut, pre-breaking device, can be fully automated production, low cost and high efficiency. Slide adjustment mechanism, slip adjustment is divided into manually adjust the electric adjustment, convenient, reliable, safe, fast, accuracy up to 0.1mm. Precision press design novel, environmental protection. Using Japan and Taiwan’s advanced technology and design concepts, with low noise, low power consumption, pollution-free advantages.

Punching speed with punching die high – speed stamping automatic production continuity

Punching speed with the die high-speed stamping automatic production continuity drilling tools, the feeder is necessary auxiliary equipment, and the feeder material itself from the accuracy of the feeding time, the key factor is decided by the product quality, feeder feeding time punch adjustable , Feeding time I punch the assembly unit is usually 270 degrees to 90 degrees over feeding, feeding, feeding time setting, basically able to meet the needs of most high-speed stamping production, but in the actual stamping production, the customer needs feeding time According to different products and different punch speed re-adjust the settings, it is particularly important in the correct adjustment, Yuda mechanical roller punching machine usually mix the material feeder timing adjustment mode, CNC servo feeder, pneumatic feeder were discussed: 1, the roller feeder is the punch material model matching to the most, feeding time adjustment eccentric disc changes and punch to achieve the connection, the actual operation is very simple, the first punch operation to stop the feed angle scale ring, and then adjust the roller feeder screw In the eccentric disc, make it into a straight line can pull rod. Special Note: Roller feeder to complete the feed to 180 degrees, which began feeding until 260 welding solutions, when the punch when the run 80 degrees to feed it to complete, so the roller feeder feeding time adjustment between 190-350 degrees pipe welding machine. 2, CNC machine tool servo drive, can also achieve multi-stage feeding, feeding adjustment time is through the signal line to connect the punch cam to achieve, because my punch using electronic cam, so that delivery time is very simple to set up , Just enter the required feeding time in the punch press on the touch screen punch corner. CNC punching machine 3, Pneumatic Feeder Feeder is the most economical, it is used punching, feeding time set in two ways, one is the standard pneumatic feeder, which is used to guide the rod installed in the press under the slider pressure floating rod to complete Feeding movement, the feeding time length of the pressure setting adjustment guide rod, the length of the guide rod, feeding time is late; another equipped with water supply pneumatic valve pneumatic feeder, and CNC servo feeder feeding time setting method is Same, that is, in my punch press touch screen set.

Stamping equipment is generally used to carry out the brake

Precision Punch positioning accuracy of the detection is very important because it is that the detection of the punch of the moving parts in the CNC system under the control of the movement can achieve the accuracy, so by measuring the positioning accuracy of numerical precision punch can determine the punch After the automatic operation can achieve the best workpiece machining accuracy. It must be emphasized here, the current positioning accuracy of the test is a rapid, positioning measurement, for some feed system stiffness is not very good CNC punch, using different feed speed positioning, will get different positioning accuracy. In addition, the positioning accuracy of the detection results and the ambient temperature and the axis of the running state, most of today’s CNC punch press through the semi-closed-loop system, position detection components are mostly installed in the drive motor, the ball screw thermal elongation is not yet effective Of the identification measures. Therefore, it is not surprising that, when the positioning accuracy is measured, it is possible to generate an error of 0.01 to 0.02 mm within a 1-m stroke after a rapid round trip. This is because the screw quickly moves several times, the surface temperature may rise 0.5 ~ 1 ℃, resulting in thermal expansion of the screw caused. The thermal elongation of the error, some punch will use pre-stretching (preload) method to reduce the impact. The repeatable positioning accuracy of each axis is the most basic accuracy index of the axis, which reflects the stability of the movement accuracy of the axis, the accuracy of the punch is usually can not guarantee the stability of production. Nowadays, due to the increasing number of CNC system functions tube punching machine, systematic error such as pitch accumulation error and backlash error can be compensated for each coordinate motion precision, only random error can not be compensated, and repeated positioning precision reflects To the drive mechanism of the integrated random error, it is no way to use the CNC compensation system to correct, when it found that poor, only the feed chain to fine-tune correction. Therefore, the purchase of punch presses should give priority to choose and repeat the high positioning accuracy of the punch. Precision punching in the use of different stamping occasions with different stamping die busbar machine, if used for stretching the occasion will need to use the drawing die, and drawing die has a more special requirements, the use of punch processing required processing The material must have a blank holder and the product is ejected. When the stretch processing to be a large amount of tension is required in the bottom of the punch mold to install a buffer device to complete the pressure side and the top of the action steel hole punch machine, and this device for the buffer in the press industry is called mold pad. At present, the mold pad used in the stretching occasion is basically the oil mold pad, but the mold pad has a very significant shortcomings, mainly in three aspects: 1, due to the use of oil pressure, its parts manufacturing precision requirements are relatively high, resulting in relatively high cost; 2, the use of relatively high cost, due to the existing stamping equipment generally use pneumatic clutch brake, the factory only gas source, the use of existing mold pad requires a separate set of hydraulic booster equipment; 3, the hydraulic seal requirements are relatively high, the probability of oil leakage is relatively large, dirty working environment. To fundamentally solve this problem, precision machinery for the production of precision punch press design, the production of a pneumatic die pad device, instead of using oil hydraulic oil, without a separate source, can share the gas source with the punch, with manufacturing Cost, not oil, fast response, easy maintenance, the advantages of clean work environment.

The Movement of Shaft of CNC Turret Punch

CNC Turret punch axis movement:

The axis servo works along the length of the moving bed perpendicular to the drive shaft

The axis servo works along the length of the moving bed perpendicular to the drive shaft

One axis: Rotary axis turret selection Tool magazine rotating mold

Axis: automatic indexing of the rotary axis mold, you can rotate the mold at any angle

CNC turret punch processing:

1) a single red: a single complete stamping, including stamping line distribution, distribution, circular distribution, the grid hole.

2) the same direction of continuous punching: the use of rectangular mold part of the overlapping approach, can be deep-hole processing, finishing.

3) multi-directional continuous punching: for the processing of large holes in the mold processing methods.

4) nibble: small step continuous stamping die processing with a small arc.

5) A single formation: the shape of the mold and the shallow drawing process.

6) continuous forming: forming the size ratio of forming molds, such as large-size blinds, rolling, rolling step processing.

7) The formation of the array of the same or different processing methods of multiple pieces of workpiece.

CNC punch press is the circular motion into a linear motion, the main motor output, driven flywheel, from the main motor connecting rod movement of circular motion.

There is a circular movement between the circular movement and the linear movement of the CNC punch between the connecting rod and the slider, about two bodies, a ball design, so there must be a set of molds and the material between them to match the pressure exerted by the machine Deformation, stress on the material response, absorbed by the punch body.

CNC punch press large-scale production of low-cost method of drilling components, short production cycle. But the adaptability of the design changes are poor, need a new mold design cycle is long, high cost, medium and small-scale production, fully shows the characteristics of laser cutting.

In general, the majority of workpiece control punch punch hub size than the norm, some parts are complex.

The installation of punching equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency

Punch automatic production is the modern punch manufacturers stamping process in the eternal Tiandaxian topic, the higher the accuracy of the product, the higher the production efficiency, the benefits brought about by the enterprise will increase. Throughout the forging and stamping industry, metal forming the trend toward the future of high-sophisticated, high-speed, automation, no one appears, is gradually connected with the high-tech. Precision punching automatic production can greatly improve processing efficiency, landing processing costs, shrink the product delivery time punch punch press, reduce human access and personnel pressure, and intact inevitable stamping production security guards, so actively promote the punch automation is undoubtedly a development trend.

In front of precision presses, high-speed presses, small presses and other products can be used punching PLC human control, just install the peripheral equipment can punch to reach automated production. Automatic punching equipment, automatic feeding equipment, mold transfer equipment, automatic transfer equipment, stamping process abnormal conditions, such as punching equipment, punching equipment, Of the testing equipment, waste exclusion equipment, automatic receiving equipment, etc., let us really to break down the next punch machine peripheral effects:

First, automatic discharge, open-book equipment (that is, material frame)

Function: The rack will be settled in the material rack, partner follow-up machine (leveling machine or feeder) action, the material into the punch processing, high-speed punch with the plane for more than electronic feeder.

Advantages: – Frugal time, to improve the rate of completion, full cash automated discharge, open-book, volume can be swept by the volume of the local production furnishings. ??

Second, leveling correction equipment (ie, leveling machine)

Function: all volumes are open-book after the stress is still in this situation can not be processed under high-quality products, this time, from the material frame open-book materials, the decision to finish leveling machine leveling process to eliminate the material stress.
Third, the automatic feeding equipment (that is, feeder)

Features: Feeder is a high-speed punching machine to achieve high-speed automatic punching the necessary equipment is in a mold to achieve multi-station punching the foundation to ensure that high-speed punch is usually using high-speed roller feeder, folder feeder, the two All kinds of feeding equipment are driven by the output shaft, the material automatically into the mold.