CNC machine tool manufacturing industry will be moving in six directions

CNC machine tool manufacturing industry is an important basic equipment, so its development has been much attention. In recent years, China’s machine tool manufacturing industry is facing a good opportunity of manufacturing equipment development, also encountered pressure of market competition. Technically speaking, the technology will accelerate the CNC machine tool manufacturing industry is a key solution to sustainable development. Currently, the world’s most advanced manufacturing technology continues to rise, maturing rapidly ultra-high speed cutting, ultra-precision processing technology applications, flexible manufacturing systems and computer integrated systems, CNC machining technology put forward higher requirements. CNC machine tools today are moving in several directions.
1. maximize reliability
CNC machine tools has been the main indicators of reliability users are most concerned about. CNC system will use more integrated circuit chip, the use of large-scale or large-scale private and hybrid integrated circuits, to reduce the number of components to improve reliability. Hardware features of the software to meet the requirements of various control functions, and modular hardware structure of the machine body, standardization and universal and serialization, so that not only improves the hardware production volume, but also to facilitate the organization of production and quality control. Automatically start running through a variety of diagnostic procedures diagnostics, online diagnostics, offline diagnosis, to achieve the system hardware, software, and a variety of external equipment fault diagnosis and alarm. Use alarm, timely troubleshooting; the use of fault-tolerant technology, the important parts are “redundant” design, in order to achieve fault recovery; using a variety of testing, monitoring technology, when producing overtravel knife loss, interference, power outages and other when species accident, automatically the corresponding protection.
2. Control system miniaturization
CNC system facilitates miniaturization of machines, electrical devices combined into one. At present, the use of VLSI component, multi-layer printed circuit board, using three-dimensional installation methods to make high-density mounting of electronic components to large-scale reduction system of the occupied space. The use of the new color liquid crystal display thin replace conventional cathode ray tube, the operating system will allow further miniaturization of the CNC. So you can easily install it on the machine tools, CNC machines easier to operate.
3. Intelligent
Modern CNC machine tools will introduce adaptive control technology, according to changes in cutting conditions and automatically adjust operating parameters, so that processing can maintain the best working conditions, resulting in high precision and small surface roughness, but also to improve production efficiency tool life and equipment. Self-diagnosis, self-healing, working throughout the state, the system at any time CNC system itself and all the devices connected to the self-diagnostic check. Once a fault occurs, immediately stop the use of other measures, and fault alarm, suggesting that the site of failure, and other reasons. You can also automatically make a faulty module offline, the standby module is turned on, in order to ensure that the requirements of unmanned work environment. To achieve higher fault diagnostic requirements, its development trend is the use of artificial intelligence expert diagnostic system.
4. NC programming automation
Currently CAD / CAM automatic programming interactive graphics have been more applications, the new trend is the development of numerical control technology. It is the use of CAD drawing parts processing pattern, and then the tool path data within the computer to calculate and post-processing to automatically generate NC part program to achieve the integration of CAD and CAM. With the development of CIMS technology and the emergence of the current CAD / CAPP / CAM integrated automatic programming, it is the biggest difference with the CAD / CAM system programming is required for their programming process parameters do not have to participate by hand, directly from the system CAPP database to get inside.
5. The high-speed, high precision
Speed ​​and accuracy are two important indicators of CNC machine tools, it is directly related to the processing efficiency and product quality. Currently, the CNC uses the median frequency higher processor, in order to improve the system’s basic operation speed. At the same time, the use of VLSI and multiple microprocessor architectures to improve data processing capability of the system, namely to improve the speed and accuracy of the interpolation operation. And the use of linear motor direct-drive linear servo machine table feed mode, the speed and dynamic response is quite superior. Before adopting feed forward control technology, tracking lag error is greatly reduced, thereby improving corner cutting precision.
6. multifunctional
Equipped with an automatic tool changer (magazine capacity of up to 100 or more) of all types of machining centers, can simultaneously achieve milling, boring, drilling, turning, reaming, reaming, tapping, and other on the same machine seed processing procedures, modern CNC machine also uses a multi-spindle, cutting polyhedron, that is at the same time in different parts of a part for cutting different ways. CNC multi-CPU system due to the hierarchical structure and interrupt control mode, it can be part machining and programming simultaneously on a single machine, to achieve the so-called “front processing, background editing.” In order to meet the requirements of flexible manufacturing systems and computer integrated systems, numerical control systems with remote serial interface, and even networking, data communication between the CNC machine tools, can also control multiple CNC machine tools directly.
In order to meet the requirements of ultra high-speed machining, CNC machine tools and a structured in the form of a spindle motor spindle combined to achieve a frequency spindle motor with integrated spindle motor bearings magnetic bearings, hybrid bearing liquid or ceramic rolling bearing form.
CNC machine tools for its outstanding performance, flexible automation, excellent and stable accuracy, agile and diverse functions have attracted worldwide attention, it pioneered the development of mechanical products to mechanical and electrical integration, and therefore numerical control technology into an advanced manufacturing techniques a core technology. On the other hand, through continuous research, deepen the application of information technology to promote the further improvement of CNC machine tools.

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