Design Requirement and Application in the Safety of Punching Die

Punching die punch processing is the main process equipment, stamping parts is on, under the relative movement of the mold to complete. As the processing of the upper and lower molds continue to divide and close, if the operator’s fingers continue to enter or stay in the mold closed area, it will pose a serious threat to their personal safety.

Design Requirement and Application in the Safety of Punching Die

(A) the main parts of the mold, the role and safety requirements 1. Work parts Punch die is directly to the blank forming the working parts, therefore, it is a key part of the mold. (2) the material and heat treatment should be appropriate requirements to prevent the hardness is too high and brittle. (2) the punching die is not only precise and complex, it should meet the following requirements: (1) should have sufficient strength, not in the stamping process of fracture or damage; crack. 2. Positioning parts Positioning parts is to determine the location of the installation of the blank parts, a positioning pin (plate), block material pin (plate), Pilot pin, guide plate, from the side of the knife drilling machine, Design positioning parts should be considered easy to operate, there should be no positioning, location to facilitate observation, it is best to use forward positioning, profile positioning and Positioning Positioning and so on.

3. Binder, discharge and discharge parts Binder parts are blank holder sheet metal hole punch, pressure plate and so on. The blank holder can press the blank holder against the blank holder to prevent the billet from arcing under the tangential pressure to form wrinkles. The function of the blanking plate is to prevent the blank from moving and bouncing. Ejector, the role of the discharge plate is easy to out of pieces and clean up waste. They are spring, rubber and equipment on the air cushion push rod support, can move up and down, ejector design should have enough ejection force, movement should be limited. The stripper plate shall be closed as close as possible to the empty area or in the operating position. Exposed discharge plate should be equipped with a protective plate around to prevent finger penetration or foreign objects into the exposed surface edges and corners should be blunt bevel tools.

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