European machine tool industry basically stable economic situation gradually improved

According to the new business climate barometer index –EIO European Machine Tool Industry Association released the EIO, the EU basically stable machine tool industry, the economic situation gradually improved. Corporate orders on hand grew slightly, the 60 companies that the demand is stable, 27 companies expected to increase orders. 42 companies considered to improve the export potential, most companies also spare capacity.
January 2016 The TIX index fell 1 point to reach 196 points. Japanese and South Korean machine tool consumption capitalization companies fell, the United States, China Taiwan and the EU Capital markets performed better, although European companies that the crisis is not over yet, but it will not be much demand decline, business investment in new capacity concerns, only to there is growth potential in the field of investment.
TIX leading index was 23, the market value of companies listed on global machine tool consumption is based on the market value of these companies in accordance with the proportion of total revenue in the machine turnover is weighted as accounting of the total market capitalization of European companies can assess the total production in the world the share of (2005 = 100).

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