plications or even common applications

 plications or even common applications

Test ing these pa ram e ters on your ma chine is gen er ally not rec om mended be cause of their po ten –

tially harm ful na ture

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 5

2 Example 1 :

This ex am ple changes the baud rate set ting of the In put/Out put de vice (RS-232 in ter cnc cutter face), if the

I/O Chan nel is set to 0:

G10 L50

N0103 R10


H beam sawing Machine

Pa ram e ter that con trols the baud rate set ting for a se lected de vice has a num ber #103, iden ti –

fied punch machine for Head as N0103 in the above ex am ple Baud rate spec i fies the speed of pro gram data trans fer rate in

char ac ters per sec ond (cps) From a ta ble sup plied in the Fanuc op er a tion ref er ence man ual, the

re quired R-value can be en tered within the spec i fied range – range of 1 to 12 se lec tions is shown:

1: 50 baud

5: 200 baud

9: 2400 baud

2: 100 baud

6: 300 baud

10: 4800 baud

3: 110 baud

7: 600 baud

11: 9600 baud

4: 150 baud

8: 1200 baud

12: 19200 baud

In the above ex am ple, the baud rate set ting of 4800 char ac ters per sec ond has been se lected, be –

cause R10 in the sam ple block re fers to the se lec tion num ber 10 This type of baud rate set ting is

fairly com mon, and when work ing with sev eral ma chine tools, it should also be the com mon set –

ting for all CNC ma chine tools in the shop that re quire the RS-232C in ter face for pro gram up –

loading and down loading (DNC) Al

ways choose the fast est baud rate that guar an tees 100%

trans fer ac cu racy of the CNC pro gram or other set tings be tween the CNC sys tem and an ex ter nal

com puter Note ab sence of the P-ad dress – as the pa ram e ter #103 does not re late to a ma chine

axis, the P-ad dress is not re quired

2 Example 2 :

In an other ex am ple, pa ram e ter #5130 con trols the chamfering dis tance for thread cut ting cy –

cles drilling tools G92 and G76 (lathe con trols only) The data type is a non-axis byte, unit if the data is 01 of a pitch and the range is

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