Pneumatic chuck in the important role in the machine

The current press, CNC equipment to rely on hydraulic fixture and pneumatic fixture to clamp the workpiece to ensure the accuracy of automotive equipment. Hydraulic fixture through a dedicated processing technology to manufacture, thus ensuring the normal operation of CNC equipment and numerical control equipment quality. Generally divided into four claws, claws, octopus and twelve claws, we produce gas check, can work in CNC lathes, with the work required to increase the pressure, or to reduce the number of lathes to assist in a better and more beautiful technology .

Hydraulic clamp widely used in CNC punching, machinery manufacturing industry by leaps and bounds, a road of technical problems are broken, can not be divorced from the development of CNC lathes. In order to better handle all types of co-built in the hydraulic chuck clamping workpiece manufacturers must complete a series of movements, so that the workpiece can be designed in accordance with reasonable size to do a specific use of the steps described in detail.

In order to achieve this goal, the development of first-line staff in the continuous improvement of technology, urged the production of the highest standards of hydraulic fixture, punching machine for the Chinese contribution to the machinery industry, so that mechanical Industry in China is moving to the world’s machinery manufacturing industry’s rapid development.

Recently, domestic enterprises to participate in more and more foreign countries to adapt to the development of the market to promote the machinery manufacturing industry, domestic enterprises are also trying to win the international market, is committed to producing more and better products for the machinery market.

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