Precision punches with low noise are available for sale

The main motor of the precision punching machine is equipped with anti-vibration device. It adopts special shock-proof rubber, which separates from contact with the table body, and absorbs the shock when it is running. It reduces the resonance noise of the press and prolongs the motor life and reduces the environmental noise. High rigidity, high-precision rack, the use of steel plate welding, and by heat treatment, eliminating the fuselage Tc stress to make long-term stability of the equipment is not deformed. Precision punching presses all the characteristics together to consider, including parts processing characteristics, material properties, the use of tool characteristics, for embryo, perforation and other processes, need to use short stroke high rate of punch, for forming, extension and other processes CNC punching machines, It is necessary to use a long stroke, and the slower speed of the punch, when used for stamping, floating embossing and other processes, you must use the bottom dead center, with high energy short stroke punch.

Precision punches with low noise are available for sale

For the forming, extension, compression process, according to the different materials have a critical compression rate, more than the compression rate, the material will therefore rupture, so the selection of materials also need to cooperate with the process angle steel cutter, in order to achieve product quality characteristics, punch accuracy They must also be taken into account in order to produce a sophisticated product. Reliable and safe operation: The reason for easy operation, accurate positioning is due to the use of a different from the traditional brake, clutch / brake combination device has a high sensitivity, coupled with the international high-end equipment common dual electromagnetic control valve As well as the overload protection device, to ensure high-speed movement of the slider and stop the accuracy and security drill machine buy. Precision punching production automation, labor-saving, high efficiency. Precision punching machine can be equipped with the corresponding automatic feeding device, with feed error detection, pre-cut, pre-breaking device, can be fully automated production, low cost and high efficiency. Slide adjustment mechanism, slip adjustment is divided into manually adjust the electric adjustment, convenient, reliable, safe, fast, accuracy up to 0.1mm. Precision press design novel, environmental protection. Using Japan and Taiwan’s advanced technology and design concepts, with low noise, low power consumption, pollution-free advantages.

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