punch press quenching and tempering

Precision punching presses offer Dongguan – IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd Share: punch press hot processing technology In this case, Practice has confirmed that the quality of the hot mold processing and service life of the mold a great impact. Die from the failure analysis of the reasons we can see, due to improper heat treatment caused mold failure ‘accident’ about 40% or more angle iron drill. Punch die parts quenching deformation and cracking hole punching machine, the early use of the process of fracture, with the touch with the thermal processing technology. In this case, (1) punch casting process, which is part of the mold manufacturing process an important part. For high-alloy tool steel mold, the material is usually carbide distribution and other microstructure technical requirements. In addition, should also strictly control the casting temperature range, to develop accurate heating specifications, the use of accurate casting force method, and slow cooling after forging or timely annealing. In this case, (2) punch press quenching and tempering. This is the mold heat treatment in the hub. If the quenching heat generated overheating, not only will cause greater brittleness of the workpiece, but also easily lead to deformation and cracking in the cooling, punch serious impact on die life. Die quenching heating should pay special attention to prevent oxidation and decarburization, should strictly control the heat treatment process specifications, the premise of the case, can be vacuum heat treatment. Quenching should be promptly tempered, and in accordance with technical requirements using different punch tempering process.

In this case, (3) Preparation of heat treatment. Should be depending on the mold work parts of the different materials and requirements were used annealing, normalizing or quenching and other preparation heat treatment process to improve the organization, to eliminate casting defects in the organization to improve the processing technology. High-carbon alloy die steel through the appropriate preparation of heat treatment can eliminate the reticulation of secondary cementite or chain carbide, the carbide ball, refinement, and promote the distribution of carbide uniformity. This is conducive to ensuring quenching, tempering quality, improve die life. In this case, (4) stress relief annealing. Punch presses die work parts in the rough stress relief annealing should be carried out after the punch with a purpose to eliminate the roughing caused by internal stress, so as not to produce excessive quenching deformation and cracks. For high precision molds, after grinding or electric processing needed by the elimination of stress tempering treatment is conducive to the accuracy of the mold is not chaotic, and improve service life machine cnc.

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