The installation of punching equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency

Punch automatic production is the modern punch manufacturers stamping process in the eternal Tiandaxian topic, the higher the accuracy of the product, the higher the production efficiency, the benefits brought about by the enterprise will increase. Throughout the forging and stamping industry, metal forming the trend toward the future of high-sophisticated, high-speed, automation, no one appears, is gradually connected with the high-tech. Precision punching automatic production can greatly improve processing efficiency, landing processing costs, shrink the product delivery time punch punch press, reduce human access and personnel pressure, and intact inevitable stamping production security guards, so actively promote the punch automation is undoubtedly a development trend.

In front of precision presses, high-speed presses, small presses and other products can be used punching PLC human control, just install the peripheral equipment can punch to reach automated production. Automatic punching equipment, automatic feeding equipment, mold transfer equipment, automatic transfer equipment, stamping process abnormal conditions, such as punching equipment, punching equipment, Of the testing equipment, waste exclusion equipment, automatic receiving equipment, etc., let us really to break down the next punch machine peripheral effects:

First, automatic discharge, open-book equipment (that is, material frame)

Function: The rack will be settled in the material rack, partner follow-up machine (leveling machine or feeder) action, the material into the punch processing, high-speed punch with the plane for more than electronic feeder.

Advantages: – Frugal time, to improve the rate of completion, full cash automated discharge, open-book, volume can be swept by the volume of the local production furnishings. ??

Second, leveling correction equipment (ie, leveling machine)

Function: all volumes are open-book after the stress is still in this situation can not be processed under high-quality products, this time, from the material frame open-book materials, the decision to finish leveling machine leveling process to eliminate the material stress.
Third, the automatic feeding equipment (that is, feeder)

Features: Feeder is a high-speed punching machine to achieve high-speed automatic punching the necessary equipment is in a mold to achieve multi-station punching the foundation to ensure that high-speed punch is usually using high-speed roller feeder, folder feeder, the two All kinds of feeding equipment are driven by the output shaft, the material automatically into the mold.

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