This section covers yet an other as pect of programming


This section covers yet an other as pect of programming the G10 data set ting command – this

time as a modal com mand It is used to change a sys tem pa ram e ter through the stan dard or macro

pro gram This application is some times called the rite to pa ram e ter func tion and is not very

com mon in ev ery day pro gram ming, even in macros Be fore you at tempt to use this method, cnc cutter make

sure you fully un der stand the con cept of con trol sys tem pa ram e ters sec tion, de scribed ear lier in

this hand book – see pre vi ous chap ter for details

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


CNC Beam Drilling Machine

Chapter 5

Incorrect setting of CNC system parameters may cause irreparable damage to the machine tool

Typ i cal uses of the G10 com mand are com mon to hydraulic busbar cutter changes of ma chine or cut ting con di tions, for

ex am ple, spin dle speed and feed copper busbar bending machine rate time con stants, pitch er ror com pen sa tion data, and oth ers

This com mand often ap pears in the cus tom mac ros, nor mally called by the G65 com mand, and its

sole pur pose is to con trol the ma chine op er a tions The sub ject and de tailed ex pla na tion of the Cus –

tom Mac ros and their struc ture is cov ered in the next chap ter – G10 is just a small item of the ba sic knowl edge be fore us ing mac ros

Modal G10 Command

When the G10 com mand for the off set data set ting was first in tro duced in this chap ter, it had to

be re peated in each block, if a se ries of set ting were re quired By def i ni tion, G10 data set ting

com mand for the en try of off sets can only be used as a non-modal com mand Mod ern Fanuc con –

trols also al low to do an other type of data change through the pro gram – the change of the CNC

sys tem pa ram e ters

With out the ma chine user even know ing, many pro gram en tries are au to mat i cally con verted to

var i ous sys tem pa ram e ters by the con trol unit For ex am ple, if the pro gram con tains G54 work

off set, its cur rent set ting can be found on the w

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