work off set screen This display is for the operator’s

work off set screen This display is for the operator’s

convenience only – the actual stor age of the off set amount takes place in a sys tem parameter, iden –

ti fied by a pa ram e ter num ber, as as signed by Fanuc Even if the G54 set ting is changed man u ally,

through the off set screen, or through a pa ram e ter change (us ing the proper pa ram e ter num ber), it

is al ways stored in the sys tem pa ram e ter Some pa ram e ters can not be changed as eas ily – some

can not be changed at all – the modal G10 com mand can be very use ful for chang ing sev punch machine for Head eral pa –

ram e ters at the same time In fact, to achieve Busway Press Clamp Machine this goal, two re lated com mands are re quired – G10

to start the set tings and G11 to can cel the set tings:

G10 L50

cnc drill Machine

Selecting parameter setting mode ON

Data setting single block or a series of blocks (typical use)


Selecting parameter setting mode OFF

The data set ting block for a pro gram ma ble pa ram e ter set ting has three en tries:

G10 L50


Data setting block – more than one block is allowed between G10 and G11



where 锟?


Data setting mode – ON


Programmable parameter entry mode (fixed)


Data entry specification (N=parameter number, P=axis number, R=setting value)


Data setting mode – OFF (cancel)

Be tween the G10 L50 and G11 blocks is the list of pa ram e ters to be set, one per block The pa –

ram e ter num ber uses the N-ad dress and the data uses P and R ad dress re spec tively

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



N-address in G10 L50 Mode

The first of the three ad dresses, the N-ad dress iden ti fies the pa ram e ter num ber to be changed

Not all pa ram e ters drilling tools can be changed Fanuc pro vides Pa ram e ter Man ual for ev ery con trol model

avail able, list ing all pa ram e ters and their var i ous states Ex am ples of typ i cal ap pli ca tion of the N-ad dress (as well as the P and R ad dresses) are de scribed in the next sec tion

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